Services Overview


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Compliance, Planning and Tax Consulting to Save Money, Time and Aggravation

  • U.S. Tax Compliance and Planning

  • State and Local Tax (SALT) Compliance and Planning

  • Resolving Tax Controversy Issues (Including Personal Representation before Governmental Organizations)

  • Doing it Right the First Time to Optimize Results and Identify Opportunities Missed by Predecessor Firms. Examples include:

    • Tax Provisions (ASC 740, fka FAS 109) and FIN 48 Analysis/Documentation

    • R&D and Other Tax Credits

    • Section 382 Studies

    • Debt/Equity Analysis

    • Stock Option Consulting

    • Stock Basis and E&P Studies

  • Business structures including Corporate, Flow Through and Trusts

Business Consulting

  • Growth; Profitability; Financial Modeling; Transition, Succession and Exit Strategies

  • Streamline Business Operations and Results

    • Accounting & CFO Advisory Services

    • Business Data Analytics

Services for International Businesses Doing Business in the United States

  • Key Employee Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Transfer Pricing

  • Permanent Establishment Analysis

  • Information Reporting and Withholding Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Entity Selection and Structure

  • Cross Border Transaction Tax Planning – Including Mergers, Acquisitions, Disposition and Restructuring

  • GILT & FDII Analysis and Planning

  • Subpart F Analysis and Planning

  • Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) Analysis and Planning

  • Repatriation Planning and Loss Utilization

  • Tax Treaty Interpretations and Planning

Certified Public Accounting Services for Your Business

  • Audits of Financial Statements

  • Reviews and Compilations of Financial Statements

  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits

  • Agreed-Upon Procedures

  • Internal Control Reviews

  • Forensic Accounting and Suspected Fraud Investigations

  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony

  • Due Diligence and Merger and Acquisition Reviews

  • Reviews of Specified Elements

  • Bank Collateral Assessments (Agreed Upon Procedures)

  • Outsourced Tax Provision/Disclosures Services


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Tax Consulting, Planning and Compliance

  • Income Tax Consulting

  • Federal and State Tax preparation

  • Design and Implementation of Tax Minimization Strategies

  • Management and Representation in Tax Examinations

  • Real Estate Tax Compliance and Advisory Services

  • Investment Diversification Planning, including Stock Option Exercise Planning for Executives and Founders

  • Retirement and Succession Planning

Trust and Estate Planning

  • Trust and Estate Planning

  • Development of Comprehensive Plans for Multi-Generational Wealth Preservation

  • Family Governance and Succession Issues

  • Estate, Gift and Fiduciary Income Tax Return Preparation

  • Trust Accounting and Administration

  • Charitable and Philanthropic Planning and Tax Returns

  • Pre- and Post-Mortem Estate Administration

  • Representation and Support in Federal or State Audits

  • Serve as a Team Member with Legal, Trust and Estate, Investment and other advisors

Philanthropic Expertise

  • Auditors and tax preparers and advisors

  • Gift planning and family charity management strategy

  • Donor Advised Funds

  • Tax related issues:

    • Private Foundation excise tax

    • Unrelated business income tax (“UBIT”)

    • Expenditure responsibility

    • Supporting organizations

  • Foundation administration, compliance monitoring and management consulting

Hedge Funds (Onshore and Offshore) / Private Equity Funds (Onshore and Offshore) / Fund of Funds

  • Consultation on Tax Related Matters including Onshore and Offshore Fund Structuring, Unrelated Business Taxable Income, ECI, etc.

  • Consultation on Tax Treatment of Various Securities

  • Tax Compliance Services including Preparation of Federal, State and Local Tax Returns and K-1s; US Withholding Taxes and Related Filings, Other Tax Reporting Obligations

  • Financial Statement Audits, Reviews and Compilations

  • Preparation of Performance Reports for Investors

  • Internal Control Review

  • Consultation on Accounting Treatment for Specialized Investments, Reorganizations and Restructurings

International Services for Individuals

  • Foreign Tax Credit Analysis and Planning

  • Expatriate Tax Planning

  • Repatriation Planning and Loss Utilization

  • Global Income, Estate and Gift Tax Planning and Compliance

  • GILT & FDII Analysis and Planning

  • Subpart F Analysis and Planning

  • Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) Analysis and Planning

  • Tax Treaty Interpretation and Planning

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We Can Be Your Family Office - For Individuals and Families

  • Work as a Team with Family Members, Legal, Trust and Estate, and Investment Advisers on all Aspects of Wealth Management

  • Advise, Design and Implement a Wide Range of Special Projects including “What If” Scenarios

  • Human Resource Functions including Payroll; Benefits Administration; Assistance with Recruiting, Staffing, Background Checks, Employee Evaluations

  • Real Estate Issues Including Oversight of Real Estate Projects; Financial Accounting; Budget; Vendor Management

Tax Advice, Planning and Compliance

  • Preparation of Partnership, Corporate, Trust, Foundation, Gift and Individual Income Tax Returns for all Family Office Entities and Members

  • Determination of Quarterly Estimates for Trusts and Family Members

  • Manage Streamlined and Timely Access to Hedge Fund and Private Equity K-1s; Year-End Tax Estimate Letters; Tracking and Preparation of Other Tax-Related Documents

  • Review of Income and Transfer Tax Consequences Associated with Various Investment and/or Other Transactions

  • Expertise in all Foreign Holding and Investment Related Disclosures Required for Entities, Trusts and Family Members

  • Expertise in Multi-State Filings and Issues

  • Expertise in Family Limited Partnerships and Other Investment Partnerships That Have Carried Interest Allocations

  • Determination of Trust Accounting Income vs Principal Associated with Flow-Through Income of Fund of Funds Investment Partnerships Owned by Trusts

  • Advising on Qualified Small Business Stock and Optimal Integrated Income and Transfer Tax Planning

  • Expertise with Special Assets such as Private Jets and Associated Tax Treatment

  • Expertise and Assistance with Tracking of Tax Basis for All Partnership and Other Investments including Tracking of Section 754 Step Up Basis Specific to Certain Interests

  • Federal and State Income Tax Examinations and Inquiries

Trust and Estate Planning

  • Implementing Philanthropic, Family Legacy Goals and Wealth Transfer Strategies

  • Working with Counsel to Establish Private Foundations and Other Structures

Financial Reporting

  • Weekly, Monthly and or Quarterly Reporting for the Family or for Family Businesses

  • Consolidated Reporting and Tracking of Investment Assets

  • Management of Capital Calls, Stock Distributions, Tax Basis

  • Tracking of Company Stock and Stock Options

  • Net Worth, Cash Flow Analysis and Other Specialized Reporting

Specialized Client Accounting Services and Bill Payment

  • Individual and Specialized Entity Bookkeeping and Accounting, including Private Foundations

  • Client Accounting Services, Bill Payment, Wire Transfers, Cash Management

  • Consult on Optimal Internal or External Bill Payment Systems to Streamline Segregation of Costs

Create Your Own Family Office – All of the Above Plus

  • Family Office Management Company Structuring Including Ownership Structure, Optimal Management Fee Arrangements Including Allocation of Fees and Other Operating Expenses Among Taxpaying Entities and Individuals Served by the Family Office, etc.

  • Clarifying Philanthropic Missions; Setting up the Optimal Structure Including Guidance on When to Use Private Foundations vs. Donor Advised Funds for Certain Donations of Appreciated Holdings

  • Determining Operational Model, Staffing Requirements, Job Descriptions

  • Setting Up Accounting Systems; Establishing Procedures and Quality Control

  • Internal Control Reviews and Risk Assessments of Your Family Office Operations

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Financial Statements

  • Audits of Financial Statements

  • Reviews and Compilations of Financial Statements

Other Services for Non-Profits

  • Agreed-Upon Procedures

  • Internal Control Reviews

  • Forensic Accounting and Suspected Fraud Investigations

  • Due Diligence and Merger and Acquisition Reviews

  • Specialized Bookkeeping and Accounting Services