Lori Scarlat, CPA



Lori Scarlat started her career in accounting in 2005 when she joined a small CPA company in midtown Manhattan. As a junior accountant, she has had first-hand experience in working with small enterprises, assisting clients in all stages of their development.

Following her MS in Accounting, Ms. Scarlat had the opportunity to work in the high-net worth accounting department of a CPA practice with clients from the financial, real estate and entertainment industries. As an immigrant herself, she took great pleasure immersing herself in various expat cases, where she researched tax treaties, assisted clients with Voluntary Streamlined Offshore disclosure process and helped clients navigate the complex waters of FATCA compliance.

At Perelson Weiner, Lori found a perfect environment to fine tune her work with high-net worth individuals by handling some of the very complex clients the practice manages. As part of her continued development, Ms. Scarlat is actively involved in the gift and estate tax planning and tax return preparation.


Lori holds a Masters of Science in Accounting from Baruch College, City University of New York, and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, Ovidius University, Romania.