“My peers are a terrific group of smart people always willing to help each other. Our culture is truly a collegial community.” 

Perelson Weiner values learning, openness, intellectual curiosity and provides a platform for career development and advancement. We are a particularly tight team focused on the wealth of experience and knowledge we bring to our community and proud of the wide diversity of cultures and differing perspectives we each bring to our collective table. We care about each other and our families, and have a deep commitment to a culture of “nice”. 


We embrace a culture of excellence and continuous learning…

The Perelson Weiner Community

I am particularly motivated by Perelson Weiner’s open-door policy with partners. As young professionals, we learn so much from the partners. They really take the time to explain and teach us, especially the more complex concepts needed for our clients.
— Tax Manager
It was with great excitement that I received the news about my promotion. I feel particularly proud to have earned the appreciation and approval of professionals for whom I have the utmost respect. The firm’s thoughtfulness and generosity empower and energize me to work hard to maintain the confidence and trust it has shown in me. I am honored to be part of the Perelson Weiner family.
— Tax Senior
The people I work with are outstanding – my peers are a terrific group of smart people always willing to help each other. Our culture is truly a collegial community.
— Audit Senior
There are so many people at Perelson Weiner who have been with the firm for years – that kind of longevity really helps with the clients and knowing their individual situations, needs and objectives so we can help. It also shows the many career opportunities at Perelson Weiner as you progress in your career.
— Tax Director
People really care – when parents have a new baby or have a serious issue with their family, the firm provides support and flexibility when it is most needed.
— Family Office Staff
Every year, I take a moment to reflect on my beginnings as an immigrant in the United States and what made me feel so attached to my adoptive country. One of the things that I love the most about being and working here is the spirit of fairness and meritocracy. The conviction that hard work always pays off and being nice and respectful of others is an engrained quality of the American people.
— Audit Manager
I like Perelson Weiner’s vibe – we deliver, we act with integrity, and we abide by our word.
— Audit Manager
Perelson Weiner is the major league of accountants.
— Tax Supervisor
As a member of the tax team, one thing that impressed me from the first tax season was the professional camaraderie that exists at all levels: staff, managers and partners. Everybody helps everybody with a single goal – to deliver the best quality work there is to our clients.
— Tax Manager


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